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Technology Excellence

Leading in the field of technology is ensuring that all programs and teams are empowered so they continuously innovate to achieve the clearly defined goals and objectives. I am responsible for nearly two hundred engineers from multiple disciplines working together creating different products. Achieving technology excellence by using the "right technology" and more importantly "using it right" is one of my main goals. With over six years of experience in this capacity, my teams were able to transform and modernizing technology platforms in larger enterprises.

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Strategic Management

Defining a clear strategic plan, communicating it to the stakeholders, and ensure consistency in achieving the milestones of the plan was another of my leadership strengths. After many years of in the industry, I identified five strategic objectives that any technology organization strives to achieve to be successful. These are

  • Product & Service Excellence

  • Deliver Business Value with Quality & Productivity

  • Financial Growth & Profitability

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction

  • Employee Grooming, Coaching & Growth

Read my blog post for full details and use it as a blueprint for any technology organization to create a strategic management framework

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Portfolio Ownership

I am responsible for multiple products and services and ensure on-time quality delivery. I was responsible for delivering the core business application for the world-leading leisure brand in the United States and Europe from the initial RFP phase to successful multiple sites phased delivery. On the other hand, I was responsible for the modernization of the company's flagship product embracing a new technology stack. On top of these, I chaired or was a member of multiple products and project steering committees. Leading such a diverse portfolio has been one of my strengths.

Desk and Stationery

I always ask the candidates I interview, "What is your greatest strength?". I believe it makes sense to answer the question of myself. It's natural that everyone has many novel ideas to create products with technology. Yet not every idea gets translated to a product. My greatest strength is to take an idea from being just an idea through brainstorming, conceptualization, market analysis, design, and development to final product delivery. Thus, I believe the Productization of an idea has always been one of my greatest strengths

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Team Coaching & Mentoring

Leading is all about driving a group of people to bring the best out of them to achieve the goals and objectives. Every individual has a unique skill set. With the many interviews, interactions, and collaborations I have was able to identify these diverse skills of individuals to create teams with the best combinations to be successful. These teams consist of many smart people who are even smarter than you. Even Such individuals need guidance and mentoring to get the best out of them. For example, Usain Bolt's coach could not run faster than him, yet he needed the coach to achieve the great feat of becoming the fastest man on earth. Thus, I always believe in giving people the opportunities to grow by coach & mentor them to get the best out of them.